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Sarah O'Heron

Nominated by Northern Illinois University

Transmigration is the spiritual belief that is said to be the migration of a soul into a new body. My work often incorporates natural elements with traditional technique. The natural and found material act as the soul elements of my work, that are transformed into new existences. Material is not the only transmigrator. As a maker, I view my practice spiritually. Spiritual in terms of the collection of material from the natural world and the process of creating. I’m interested in the history of adornment, anthropology, alchemy, and science related to the arts and specifically the field of jewelry and metalsmithing. These topics inform and are referenced in my work. Material is most significant in my work because of its reflection of my self, and history as a maker. I try to be aware of the source of my material, and my responsibility for its use. Material such as textile, which has always been present in my work, evolved from my childhood experiences of learning sewing and knot making from influential women. The technical aspects of my work translate over from my upbringing, which involved working with my hands and learning mechanical skills from my father. My work is influenced by nature, color, and the peculiar, and can be described as multifaceted, delicate, colorful, earthy, and structural.

Image: Deerest Necklace, silver, felt, cubic zirconia, deer jaw bone, 9”x7”, 2018


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Artist Resident