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Jada-Amina Harvey

Nominated by Marwen

Jada-Amina’s latest body of work engages legacies of Black expressions, Black visual culture, Black semantics and Black narrative forms to reimagine, interrogate and champion the politics of Black femininity. Their work arranges, projects, and draws connections between bodies unrelated, which together, create space and place. Jada-Amina is an interdisciplinary artist whose work reflects upon the everyday possibilities of the imagination. Their work lies within the discourse of new genres, internet art, documentary photography applies the aesthetic philosophies of performance, Afrofuturism and black contemporary art forms in an attempt to resonate with the sites as phenomenological experience for spectators and participants. She is currently creating ephemeral works and exploring immateriality and the nuances of performance through Instagram (@jadaamina).

Image: Revolutions, super 8mm scanned to digital, B&W, sound, 00:01:35, 2018


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Artist Resident