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Yesenia Bello

Nominated by SAIC 

Struggling with the notion of losing my native tongue, and thus turning familial bonds to more abstract grounds, I create in a realm of the half truth and the half imagined. As a first generation Mexican American with parents who choose Spanish as their preferred language, my work consistently attempts to grapple with exhaustions of miscommunication. From words lost in translation to the failings of physical expression, I explore these subjects in more abstract and formal territories. Qualities of my work illustrate the spectrum of urgent and desperate human instincts during attempts of connection and understanding. Through this narrative platform I find myself concerned with the push and pull of performers.The exhaustion of the body’s performance is then expressed through installed and constructed objects, drawings and material curiosities.

Playing with parts,I both materially and conceptually investigate companionship and the joining of things. By using found utilitarian materials and sourcing objects out of context, I develop a language of resource. Using drawing as a starting point in my work, I use every day mark making tools on a gathered inventory of found papers. These urgently jotted attempts then find resemblance in my later fabricated objects and installations. Placing woven plastic against woven thread or the rubber skin of hoses against compression bandages, I create material relationships that are at constant double ended-ness, two things pulling in opposite directions. Through routinely dissected lumps of time, I work in a manner of human instinct to cut, wrap, bond, machine sew, melt and cover surfaces against one another. Newfound material pairings then create sudden companionship dialogues that may or may not find a meeting ground in conversation.

Image: Push and Pull Factors (hose, compression bandage, rug stopper, crayon), 2015


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Artist Resident