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LAUNCH Invitational Residency 2013

Artist Residents

Ashley Thompson



as i write this, i want to rewrite it.

tomorrow it will change.

i'll feel differently. 

i believe in myself and the universe providing. i respect bold moves, no shame,

and desires for making people feel uncomfortable. 

be it. 

i'm an intense critic of the culture and i find myself in. its becasue i question everything.

i beleieve in life-like art. 

i'm skeptical of the definition of a woman. 

i don't believe in what i know. 

Ayesha Saeed


I see ?possibilities? now in the photographs I take. The work is heavily
invested in an epiphany I had at the Art Institute of Chicago with Dutch
Modernist Theo Van Doesburg?s painting Counter Composition VIII. It has an odd
tilted framed that seemed to cause me to suddenly see the painting as if it were
popping outof the wall like a pixel. This totally flat plane suddenly was like a
window into another space with multiple 

Courtney Mackedanz



My work highlights thesimilarities between big and small--between whathappens on the bus and what happens on the news. With a jovial spirit and bullish ambition, my work takes on questions of meaning in both art and the human endeavor. My performances affirm that there is meaning in the world, even if someone like the artist must construct it. 

Eric Cortez


Fine art is a creative outlet which enables me to express myself and how I perceive the world around me.  The search for truth often leads me think about certain aspects of my life in a compulsive manner.  Therefore, I draw about my thoughts in order to expel them from my head and to ultimately make sense of them. 


Samantha Serrano

I use photography as a means to examine the relationship one had with domestic space. The focus of domesticity steams from my summer taking care of my 8-month-old sister. The confinement of being at home left me wondering how my summer would have played out if I did not have to watch my sister. By photographing girls my same age revealed my longing to be apart of a space that had no maternal attachment. From photographing others I then turned to looking at my own apartment, which I share with three other roommates, finding places where out possessions have mixed together.