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LAUNCH Invitational Residency

LAUNCH Residency 2014

Initiated in 2013, LAUNCH Invitational Residency is a nomination-based professional development program for artists emerging from Chicago area undergraduate schools.  

Combining career development, creative practice, and community-building, LAUNCH empowers students to identify and pursue the next steps in their professional practice by introducing them to the tools, resources, and networks that will help them achieve their goals. Offered to a limited number of promising students selected by faculty, the 4-day-long experience creates an intimate, rigorous environment within which artists learn from both professionals and peers in order to develop a personalized approach to starting a fulfilling career. 

Facilitated by a team of Artist Leaders and Guest Speakers, LAUNCH’s pedagogical model focuses on practical skill-building workshops, creative activities, collaborative brainstorming sessions, and one-on-one consultations. At this critical point in their careers, the residency allows artists a chance to access tactical advice, devote time for introspection about the future, and engage with established, rising, and innovative thinkers in the field.

For more additional information, including the 2016 LAUNCH Invitational Residency Curriculum, please visit the Program Guidelines.

LAUNCH 2016 Partners

Chicago Artists Coalition is pleased to announce the 2016 LAUNCH Invitational Residency Artist Leaders will be Andi Crist, artist and Executive Director of  Autotelic Studios and Jordan Martins, artist and Co-Director of the Comfort Station. In addition to serving as key mentors to artist residents throughout the program, Andi and Jordan will both generously open the doors to their respective organizations as host sites for LAUNCH, which this year will take place from Thursday, June 23 - Sunday, June, 26, 2016.


The application and nomination phase for LAUNCH 2016 is now complete. The process will resume early 2017.