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Whit Forrester

Whitt Forrester, "East to West: The Extraction and Reproduction of Phaelenopsis and Chlorophytum," 2017, Archival Inkjet Print with 23-karat Gold Leaf, 44 x 54 inches

Forrester lives in Chicago, grew up in Louisville, KY and received degrees from Oberlin and Columbia College.

They've exhibited widely, in both national and international contexts, and have a range of aesthetic interests that include: practices of accumulation, manifestations of power, human discourses around the transcendent and the material relationship between self and world. Forrester’s attention to the natural world and its agential capacity for queer subjects unites these diverse investments and provides the means with which to interrogate the implications of queering as a spiritual practice which is ultimately connected to ideas of new materialisms, hypothetical prematerialist paradigms and decolonization.

Learn more about Whit Forrester’s HATCH exhibition Leaf by Leaf.

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Artist Resident