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Sabrina Greig

Photo: Sebastien Hidalgo
“Que Bonita Bandera” was an installation featured in the three-person exhibition New Earth: Caribbean Mythmaking at ACRE Projects from July 7-July 31 st , 2017. Artist Jacquelyn Carmen Guerrero reimagined a Puerto Rican flag that incorporated a hand-stitched evil eye made of sequins as well as leather, bells, and satin. This flag, hung over an installation of sand, glitter, shells, and clay, was meant to operate as an emblem of healing against oppressive forces of colonialism and natural disaster in the Caribbean.

Sabrina Greig is an art critic, curator, and communications professional from New York City.

At the intersection of social activism and Art History, her curatorial practice uses exhibition spaces to showcase experiences unique to Diasporic communities on the margins. She has curated exhibitions at ACRE Projects, the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Haitian American Museum of Chicago.

Her art criticism draws from her curatorial practice, as she focuses on representations of the Black diaspora in fine art and popular culture. She has published essays in Arts.Black, Contemporary And, Sixty Inches from the Center, and Bad at Sports.

Learn more about Sabrina Greig’s HATCH exhibitions The Politics of Desire, Leaf by Leaf, and Body as Image.

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Curatorial Resident