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Zachary Nicol

Fragment 3.1, 2018, digital image

Zachary Nicol is an artist based in Chicago working across media to articulate elusive dynamics of social power, identification, and scrutiny in the performance space.

His performances, texts, and visual works address illegible affect, unstable narrative positions, anxious spectatorship, and anthropological research practices.

Nicol has presented work at S1 (Portland), Dancemakers Centre for Creation (Toronto), Outerspace, Filmfront, Compound Yellow, Catalyst Ranch (Chicago), and in the publication The Blueshift Journal. He is a Co-founder of F4F, a domestic venue in Little Village, Chicago. He received a B.S. in Theatre at Northwestern University.

Nicol has worked as a collaborative and performing artist in dance, theatre, and film works by Ginger Krebs, Catherine Sullivan, Joanna Furnans, A.J. McClenon, Lio Mehiel, Sean Griffin, Striding Lion Performance Group, among others.

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Artist Resident