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Ricardo Mondragon

: Internal Waveform and Figure Eight, 2016, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene and Nylon Dust with Acrylic paint

Ricardo Mondragon is a Mexican artist and music composer born and raised in Mexico City (1984).

He resides in Chicago, Illinois. Ricardo graduated with a Post-Baccalaureate of Arts in Music Composition at Columbia College Chicago. Ricardo has a passion for sound and visuals. After studying Music Composition, the art of sound took a more meaningful quest. Listening to sound was never enough, so he took it further through the pursuit of seeing and materializing sound, as well as composing and exploring harmonic environments. Experiencing harmony, frequency, modulation, and waveforms with delicate materiality is what his art is all about. Ricardo's art is based on matter, color, light, space, and of course, sound.

His sculptural work is exact representations of sound waves interacting with one another in harmony. Each sculpture is an accurate three-dimensional representation of harmonic waveforms “frozen” in time. When waves are pure (such as sine waves) and are far from the intricacies of noise, they create beautiful patterns that are aesthetically pleasing. These sculptures show a phenomenon that is natural, but we can see it unless is digitized. These sculptures are materialized music.

Through his paintings, he shows snapshots of music, rhythm, harmony, and time. These figures or forms are fast-moving mechanisms passed through matrices and screens that capture some kind of mysterious symmetry, repetition with minimal changes and bursts of energy.

Life moves in a constant sea of harmonic motion.

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Artist Resident