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Juan Molina Hernández

la casa que dejaste atrás (the home you left behind), 2017, archival inkjet print

Juan Molina Hernández (b. 1993, Urireo, Guanajuato, México) is an artist primarily working in the field of photography.

They graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2016 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in photography. In the past, they have exhibited at the Aurora Public Art Commission, The Evanston Art Center, The Elmhurst Art Museum, The Jack Olson Gallery, as well as White Ripple Gallery & Co. Their body of work uses photography and more recently video, writing, and artist books to create narratives that address and challenge the complexities of the hybrid immigrant identity. By appropriating symbols from the environment, culture, and personal memory they construct stories that relate to place, family, and a culture that never speaks one language.

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Artist Resident