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FIELD/WORK Residency 2017-2018

Artist Mentors

Artist Residents

Alexandra Antoine

Alexandra Antoine is an interdisciplinary artist whose work addresses the themes of identity and culture through the use of typography, line and portraiture.

Allen Moore

Allen Moore is a Chicago based Educator, Curator, Painter, and Experimental Sound Artist.

Allison Ellingson

Allison (Hales) Ellingson is an artist based in Chicago working primarily with textiles and the social fabric.

Beth Bradfish

Beth Bradfish (composer and sound artist) explores contemporary acoustic and electronic sounds.

Connie Noyes

Connie Noyes’ interdisciplinary art practice examines social constructions and assigned values of idealized beauty and value.

Denise Hoover

Denise Hoover is an artist discovering that making art is a silent conversation on many levels, an awareness of internal and external nuances that prompt her to create.

Fontaine Capel

Fontaine Capel is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist, curator, educator, and facilitator.

J. Slater

J. Slater (artist name Onyx) builds light installations as a means of public and communal gathering as well as a set to experiment with their performance works.

Lindsey Dorr-Niro

Through her work, Chicago-based artist Lindsey Dorr-Niro aims to make art a practice of critical consciousness, calling viewers deeper into themselves and relation with the world.

Luis Mejico

Luis Mejico is a multidisciplinary artist and independent curator.

Matthew Nicholas

Using performance, video and sculptural installations, Matthew Nicholas' work focuses on the relationships between identities, iconography and the social complexities that have shaped American culture.

Monica Rezman

Monica Rezman is an artist working with textiles, paint and embroidery to create a series of paintings and sculptures that speak about her collective experience.

Monica Trinidad

Monica Trinidad is a queer, Latinx artist & organizer born and raised on the southeast side of Chicago.

Nora Sharp

Nora uses choreography, words, and melody to delineate and unspool patterns of contemporary existence-often those that govern gender, popular culture, and relationship dynamics--and point to possibilities for queer reimagining.

Orkideh Torabi

Orkideh Torabi make paintings that lampoon patriarchal societies, depicting men as absurd clown-like figures, drawing attention to the personal, political and social issues facing women.

Sandra Bridges

Sandra Bridges is primarily an oil painter. Sandra is known for creating emotionally charged paintings—be it her ability to capture the energy of a jazz performance or the strength of character on a subjects face.

Santina Amato

Santina Amato is an interdisciplinary artist whose practice incorporates video, sculpture, installation, painting and photography.

Simon Pyle

Simon Pyle’s work deals with preservation and loss in the digital age. His aesthetic is influenced by imaging technologies: the shape of LCD pixels, the compression of a jpeg file, or a low-resolution image used for computer-vision and facial recognition. With an intermedia approach, his work draws on the fundamental units and idioms of technology.

Susan Dwyer

Susan Dwyer is an artist interested in making sculpture that elicits tactile curiosity.

Tracie Hayes

Tracie’s work considers the ecological address, the vulnerability and stability of ecosystems, the process of ecology, and the communication of scientific findings.

Udita Upadhyaya

Udita Upadhyaya is an interdisciplinary artist who uses her body as a primary material for making.
Her work spans live art, devised theatre, performative photographs, sculpture, installation, video, writing, text, and fiber arts.

Yewen Dong

Yewen's art practice spans sculpture, ceramics, papermaking, video, painting, and drawing.

Guest Speakers

Bianca Marks

Bianca Marks is founder of Marks on Canvas, a Chicago-based boutique agency that specializes in strategic creative content, marketing media, project management and public relations for clients engaged in the arts.

Caroline Stearns

Caroline Stearns is the Director of THE MISSION, a contemporary art gallery located in West Town that represents artists from the United States and Latin America.

Christa Donner

Christa Donner is an American artist, writer, and organizer exploring the human/animal condition and its metaphors.

Cortney Lederer

Cortney Lederer is an independent curator and art consultant with sixteen years of experience managing an array of artistic programming for organizations and businesses.

Dana Bassett

Dana Bassett is the Development Director for ACRE (Artists’ Cooperative Residency and Exhibitions).

Duncan MacKenzie

Duncan MacKenzie is an Artist, Pundit, Educator and a Founder of Bad at Sports (B@S) podcast and website.

Edra Soto

Edra Soto (b. Puerto Rico) is a Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist, educator, curator, and co-director of the outdoor project space THE FRANKLIN.

Felicia Holman

Felicia Holman is a co-founder of both the Art Leaders of Color Network ('ALCN') and Honey Pot Performance (‘HPP’), and she is also Communication Director at Chicago's venerable Links Hall.

Jason Pallas

Jason Pallas is an artist, archivist, curator, and educator primarily concerned with projects at the intersection of the personal, the popular, and the political.

Jordan Martins

Jordan Martins is a Chicago based visual artist, curator, educator, and musician.

Kalena Chevalier

Kalena Chevalier currently serves as the Program Director for the Cultural Grants Program at the City of Chicago’s Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events.

Kate Schutta

Kate Schutta is an artist, educator, and Director of Career and Professional Experience (CAPX) at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Lee Anderson

Lee Anderson is the founder of Starkweather, designer, creative strategist and fashion advocate.

Mark Jeffery

Mark Jeffery is a Chicago based performance/installation artist, curator and educator at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Nikki Patin

Nikki Patin is the Community Arts Engagement Manager for Arts + Public Life at the University of Chicago.

Patti Gilford

Patti Gilford is an art advisor and the founder of Patti Gilford Fine Arts (*PGFA*).

Rashayla Marie Brown

Lauded as a 2017 Artadia Awardee, artist-scholar Rashayla Marie Brown (RMB) manages a living studio practice across an extensive list of cultural production modes, including photography, performance, writing, drawing, installation, and video art.

Rebecca Parker

Rebecca Parker is the Program Director at Ox-Bow School of Art and Artists’ Residency.