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Anne Hayden Stevens

Anne Stevens, Mountainous, 2015, Archival pigment print, scales up 20x40" Collage of oil painting fragments, digital drawing & 3D models

I make work about women’s experience in the world. My work is figurative, and uses the landscape as a vehicle for provoking emotional responses about our common experience. In my mind, I am on the trajectory of a serious working artist. Conceptually, I am very clear what my work is about and why I should be making it. It feeds me and keeps me in dialogue with the art world and the culture as I reflect on my place in it. In reality, I have bumped along in an emerging artist state, prioritizing raising a family and making a salary. I work with a gallery in Seattle, and show in one or two exhibitions a year, often with a critique group, Dialogue Chicago, which has sustained me over the last five years. I live my art daily, but I have prioritized my family over career building up to this point. I am working on increasing my output, by building two bodies of work (oil paintings and my digital collages) to 20 pieces each, and will use the Field/Work residency to build a plan to transition to making art full-time. My work was included in this year’s Rockford Art Museum Midwestern Biennial, and in the Evanston Art Center Biennial in 2011. Locally I have shown at Governor’s State University Art Gallery, the Harold Washington Library Center, and the Bridgeport Art Center.


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Artist Resident