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Yellow is Mine (Not My Yellow)

Roni Packer
Roni Packer
Friday, March 2, 2018 - 6:00pm to Thursday, March 22, 2018 - 5:00pm

Chicago Artists Coalition is pleased to present, Yellow is Mine (Not My Yellow), an installation by BOLT artist-in-Residence, Roni Packer.

Yellow is not the color of the sun. Yellow is mine.

You think of something as being present until you realize that it is not (it is 6,149 miles away).

                                                                              it is as much about color as it is about territory.

The big cardboard box arrived in less than two weeks. I opened it at the front desk after rushing up to turn off the alarm. Digging into it, through the familiar orange garbage bag, I saw that they were not yellow; not the right yellow. Not my yellow. Staring at the overbaked small squares, I promised myself that I would not care about color anymore. I wake up at dawn, go to my studio and start another yellow painting.

We have been taught to draw the sun as a yellow circle. Yellow is not the color of the sun. Yellow is mine.

Artist Bio

Roni Packer is a colorist. With color, she traces the relations between painting, memory, and space. Born and raised in Tel Aviv, Packer completed her BFA and a BA in Humanities in Israel, and recently received her MFA from The University of Illinois-Chicago. Her work has been shown in the United States and in Israel, in galleries including Roots and Culture, Heaven Gallery, Gallery 400, and Triumph Chicago, as well as Benyamini House and Mani House in Tel Aviv, and the Open Museum in Tel Hai, Israel.