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BOLT Residency

Sanaz Sohrabi

Sanaz Sohrabi
Sanaz Sohrabi, Still from "Truthful and Credible Witness," 2014, Single Channel HD Video

“Sometimes the disappearance of the object of visual desire in a picture is a direct trace of the activity of generations of viewers, (p.39, W.J.T Mitchell, What do pictures want?).”

Following Mitchell, Sanaz Sohrabi looks at visual traces, acts of viewership and their reciprocal (dis)(re)appearances. Thus, performing history via memory and animating the pace of memory through destabilizing the residual archives, has been at the core of her curiosity, practice, and writing.

Sanaz Sohrabi (Tehran.1988) works with image making and moving image practices in order to investigate the impermanence and malleability of archival records, historical narratives, production of imagery versus production of ideology and the role of images in shaping collective memory. She received her BFA from University of Tehran and later relocated to Chicago where she received a two-year scholarship to pursue her MFA in photography, video and interdisciplinary studio arts at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Awarded residencies include: SOMA Summer School Mexico City(2017), Est-Nord-Est résidence d'artistes(2016), Vermont Studio Center (2015) and Chicago Artist coalition Bolt Program (2014-2015), among others. Exhibitions, festivals, and screenings include: Videonale 16 Bonn, Fiva 06 Buenos Aires (first prize for short film), Halifax Independent Filmmakers Festival 2017, Images festival 2017 Toronto, Transart Triennale 16 Berlin, Expo Chicago 2013, and 6018 North Gallery in Chicago, among others.  She has taught at the Art Institute of Chicago and Northwestern University and co-directs Tamaas online journal on arts and politics, an online platform of non-simulation and public speaking, a space for declaration of thoughts, desires and where urgencies manifest.

Learn more about Sanaz Sohrabi’s solo BOLT exhibition Spatial Agreements.

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