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CAC OnView is a fully managed art exhibition that exclusively features Chicago artists and curators. Each CAC OnView exhibition loans an original, custom-curated collection of art to the participating venue for six months.

Are you interested in installing a rotating exhibition in your office? Learn more about this exciting and unique program HERE.


Venue Partners for a CAC OnView Exhibition Receive:

A Curated Exhibition

CAC selects an experienced curator who chooses a theme and the art to visually depict it. About 10 - 20 artworks, including sculptures and wall art, are selected to complement the venue space. The exhibition is unique to the venue and will not be duplicated again. CAC OnView represents forward-thinking, creativity and originality, providing a halo effect for the host venue.

Exhibition Management by Chicago Artists Coalition

There are many aspects to putting together an exhibition -- people and components that must work together from inception to opening to dismantling at the exhibition’s completion. CAC manages the entire CAC OnView exhibition, including the selection of the curator, access to Chicago artist for curatorial consideration, and exhibition installation and dismantling by experienced art handlers.

A Private Curator’s Exhibition Tour

In addition to the opening event, the CAC can arrange for the exhibition curator to provide a private tour at the venue to offer insights into the selected art and the participating artists. Venues may use this opportunity at their discretion, for example, as a special event for key customers or stakeholders.

An Opening Event

Venue partners are requested to host an opening event. A kick-off event provides an opportunity for the venue to invite its own VIPs and constituents to a special event that includes the CAC OnView’s curator and artists. Board members, executives and art collectors from CAC can also be invited at the venue’s request. Size and scope of the event is determined by the venue partner.